Nutrition Coaching — 40% OFF

I realize that we have a holiday season ahead. And very often this is the main excuse for most people not to start changing their lives today. We’re waiting for Monday, New Year or some other time to start a new life. And for many of us it lasts for life.

That’s why I offer a discount to reward the people who are eager to get started and ready to commit:

40% OFF of any package of Nutrition Coaching Program if you sign up before January, 1st 2018!!!

Here is some information about my Nutrition Coaching Program.
For my coaching I use a system which combines the science of nutrition with the art of coaching, I also use the software developed by Precision Nutrition — company which definitely proves to be the best in the field. They have been coaching almost 100 000 clients for 15 years and they developed the system and software which helped their clients to get outstanding results and maintain their weight and shape for a long time after they finished the program.

The system is very unique because you will not get a ready to use meal plan, but instead, you’ll learn to plan your meals and make better choices to reach your goal and maintain the result.

If you’re interested and want to get more information about Nutrition Coaching Program, please, contact me or follow the link and put your name on the presale list:

Happy holidays to everyone!