Nutrition Coaching and Training Program

For our Nutrition Coaching and Training Program we use a system which combines the science of nutrition with the art of coaching as well as a customized workout program.

We’re using the software which delivers to you research based structured nutrition content and workouts. Your coach will be going with you along the way helping to solve your problems when you’re stuck or if something goes wrong, or if you have any questions or concerns. She will be your coach in the pocket, because you will be able to reach out to her whenever you need. Of course, we can have a time lag if you’re on the other side of the globe. By the way, we’re based in the USA. But your coach will come back to you as soon as she wakes up in the morning.


The nutrition coaching part of the program is habit-based. This means that you’ll not get a ready to use meal plan, but instead, you’ll learn how to plan your meals, do shopping, make better choices, learn and practice new habits to make them part of your lifestyle.

Every 2 weeks you’ll get a new habit which you’ll have to practice. Every day you’ll get a lesson with a piece of information concerning your habit. You can read it, listen to it or download to listen to it later. Sometimes you’ll be asked to answer some question so that you and your coach could better understand your motivation, goals and behavior and work on them if needed.



The training part of the program includes customized workouts based on your individual goals, injuries and fitness level. You can choose from different options: gym workout, at-home workout or quick workout if you don’t have enough time for a regular workout. You can also choose from different exercise variations based on intensity or difficulty. Each exercise has a video with clear instructions on how to perform it.

The program has 12 months curriculum, but you can go as long as you desire or untill you reach your goal.

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